Segovia Restaurant – Winnipeg


Wanted to take my buddy from Toronto to a Winnipeg restaurant that would impress. Thought of Segovia. We walked there early as they don’t take reservations. Got there about 5 30 and seated immediately. Had a delicious glass of Cava (sparkling white) while my buddy chose red wine. So far so great!! We started with the chorizo/apples and the batatas. Dee-lish! Friend ordered the duck empanada. We decided to share the ‘bbq chicken’ as it was labelled in the menu, with labneh, olives and lentils. Well, we got a small bowl filled with lentils, a few olives, a dab of labneh, and I had to dig for tiny pieces of sliced chicken. bbq? Who could tell? The pieces were tooo small. Delicious? Absolutely. Deceiving? Absolutely. If I invited my family over for bbq chicken, and tried to get away with a bowl of lentils with a chicken thigh sliced up in it, there would be hell to pay! I think the dish was $14 – so I did expect some meat. Silly me. Once again, it was delicious, but could certainly not be labelled ‘bbq chicken’ by any stretch of anyone’s imagination. Also I thought it would have been nice served on a bed of rice to soak up the delicious sauce. The dish should have been called, ‘lentils with olives, labneh, and a few slices of chicken.’ Dessert was necessary as we were still hungry: cardamom cake – just ok. and the fried thing-y’s that you dip into hot chocolate sauce. Pretty good. Too much dessert in the end. I was grateful my friend expensed the dinner as I thought it was over-priced for the amount of food we ate. The rain let up and we walked out just about an hour after we arrived. And yes, we felt a little rushed…just don’t go there hungry for bbq chicken!

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