~~ Pho No. 1! ~


We go to Pho No. 1 fairly often as it is close to work but only on the days when we have an extended lunch hour.  We always try to get there before noon to beat the rush, get a table, and get the order in quickly. Sometimes that doesn’t even matter…we have easily waited 40 minutes for our 5 soups. (Once I called ahead to order soup at lunch for take-out, but they didn’t even start making it until I showed up. The guy on the phone told me that there were ‘lots of people waiting ahead of me’ but no one picked up food while I was there.) Anyway…I think it’s 147A I’m crazy about – a vegetarian curry soup with a hint of anise… tofu, noodles, cauliflower,veggies and loads of YUM! The restaurant seems to be understaffed and not trained in health considerations. One time the waitress brought our 2 soups with her thumbs firmly in each soup…yech…I would have sent it back but 1. we were hungry  2. we had to rush to get back to work 3. we were trusting the heat of the soup would kill any germs. but seriously….YUK. I only eat the soup or the vermicelli with spring rolls, cause anytime I ordered shrimp or anything else on the menu I developed a “sensitive condition” in the afternoon, nearly needing to go home!! Know what I’m sayin’? So I stick to the soup, thumb and all. It’s very busy in there at lunchtime, only go if you have lots of time because the service is slow and erratic. The price is right, however, and the soup is absolutely deeee-lish!

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