Ce Soir ~ ca marche!


Love this place!! Cozy, warm, clean atmosphere, located on Portage Ave. Cam, the chef and baker, trained in France and it shows! We had dessert. The gateau Rachelle was absolutely delishshshshs! It’s a coconut cake with pineapple cream, and while worth the price, I think a little more generosity on Cam’s part is called for. In other words, it was kind of a small piece of cake. It was topped with something kind of marshmallowy-creamy! The cheesecake looked good but a little low so we also ate a pear poached in red wine topped with home-made blue cheese ice cream!! Adventurous or what? We enjoyed the marriage of the flavors, but it was a one-off for us. I don’t know why they didn’t have coffee, just hazelnut coffee, which we don’t like. So we each had a latte, which was very good and very big. I applaud Cam’s cosmopolitan effort and hope this place is very successful! He was very friendly and enjoyed explaining the lovely treats in the cooler. We will go back soon for some French onion soup, and a sandwich for lunch. Try it, I recommend it as something very different and very high quality.

Cafe Ce Soir on Urbanspoon

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