Dessert Sinsations~Good cheesecake ~ Gross cake read on for details friends


We had good coffee, but had to ask for cream twice. No biggie. Raspberry swirl cheesecake – YUMYUMYUM!!! Wow! deeeeee-lishshsss….Price a bit steep but on par with other cake joints in town. Tre Leche Cake ~ never thought I’d ever have anything bad to say about cake. It was bland, too much cream, and the strawberry had seen better days, all dried up…just saying, Dessert Sinsations, for $9.25 for a piece of cake, I deserve A FRESH PIECE NOT A DRIED FRUIT-ISH PIECE!!! Everyone deserves the best you can make! Smarten up! Now for the worst part, there was a bitter aftertaste that we couldn’t put our finger on. It was like we couldn’t wait to go home to pop a mint or brush the tooth. Not exactly a compliment. YUK YUK YUK  Waitress explained that sour milk was poured onto the Tre Leche cake to soak in. I’ve baked with sour milk before, but never expected anyone to eat it poured onto a cake. Bad sign – the “Baker Wanted” sign in the window. I think I ate the fired baker’s last revenge. Otherwise I can’t explain why someone, anyone would want to eat that yucky cake, never mind paying $9.25 for it!

Dessert Sinsations Cafe on Urbanspoon

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