Michele’s ~ @ McPhilips St. Station Casino ~ Buffet


I can only speak about the buffet on Saturday night which features prime rib.  YUM YUM YUM!! Being a lover of rare roast beef, I am happy to announce that there has been a big improvement in the availability of rare beef. AND IT IS DEL-ISHSHS!!!  The mashed potatoes are also dee-lish, more so than the scalloped potatoes (surprise!) and the sides are standard – brocolli with cheese, and veggie mix. There is other meat available, such as fried chicken, or pork, or turkey, as well as pasta, but who cares? WE’RE HERE FOR THE BEEF!!! The desserts have gone markedly downhill lately…many of the nice cakes are no longer available. There is a chocolate fountain with fruit, ladyfingers, and marshmallows, but we like the lemon pie. The service is attentive and polite for drinks/coffee. The value is unbelievable…-roughly $20/person for roast beast, including coffee/soda, dessert, salad, sides, etc and is all you can eat!!! A great deal and YUM YUM!!!!!
Michele's on Urbanspoon


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