Rae and Jerry’s ~ Lounge ~ Winnipeg


Rae and Jerry’s Lounge is an institution in Winnipeg. Rae and Jerry are long gone, but the decor has remained. Everything old is cool again, and the red, black, and wood lounge is back in style, in a Madmen kind of dimension. The lounge has its own (ahem, cheaper) menu and the greatest old-school cocktails. I had a champagne cocktail for $ 6.25 and it was so full I don’t know how the waitress managed to carry it without spilling. Quite the deal! The dining room’s menu is more extensive but more expensive! Luv the lounge!

The service was excellent. The wait staff is efficient, polite and professional. We ordered our drinks, and then we both ordered a steak sandwich, medium.  We did not wait very long for our food. It was served in a great combo of steak on toast with barbecue sauce, fries, delicious cole slaw, and yummy onion rings.  My friend’s steak was thicker and juicier, while mine looked like its poor thinner, drier cousin.  Marks deducted!  However, being quite a regular customer, I put it down to an off night, as this has never happened before, so I did not complain.

Dessert was a delicious ~ hummm~ New York-style cheesecake topped with a luscious sauce and about five large and juicy black cherries. It was large enough to share and we each enjoyed a great cup of coffee. However, for $3.00 a cup, it should be good!!

Overall, it was a a very good dinner, and we will definitely be back.     Grade: B+

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