~~ Pho No. 1! ~


We go to Pho No. 1 fairly often as it is close to work but only on the days when we have an extended lunch hour.  We always try to get there before noon to beat the rush, get a table, and get the order in quickly. Sometimes that doesn’t even matter…we have easily waited 40 minutes for our 5 soups. (Once I called ahead to order soup at lunch for take-out, but they didn’t even start making it until I showed up. The guy on the phone told me that there were ‘lots of people waiting ahead of me’ but no one picked up food while I was there.) Anyway…I think it’s 147A I’m crazy about – a vegetarian curry soup with a hint of anise… tofu, noodles, cauliflower,veggies and loads of YUM! The restaurant seems to be understaffed and not trained in health considerations. One time the waitress brought our 2 soups with her thumbs firmly in each soup…yech…I would have sent it back but 1. we were hungry  2. we had to rush to get back to work 3. we were trusting the heat of the soup would kill any germs. but seriously….YUK. I only eat the soup or the vermicelli with spring rolls, cause anytime I ordered shrimp or anything else on the menu I developed a “sensitive condition” in the afternoon, nearly needing to go home!! Know what I’m sayin’? So I stick to the soup, thumb and all. It’s very busy in there at lunchtime, only go if you have lots of time because the service is slow and erratic. The price is right, however, and the soup is absolutely deeee-lish!

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Ce Soir ~ ca marche!


Love this place!! Cozy, warm, clean atmosphere, located on Portage Ave. Cam, the chef and baker, trained in France and it shows! We had dessert. The gateau Rachelle was absolutely delishshshshs! It’s a coconut cake with pineapple cream, and while worth the price, I think a little more generosity on Cam’s part is called for. In other words, it was kind of a small piece of cake. It was topped with something kind of marshmallowy-creamy! The cheesecake looked good but a little low so we also ate a pear poached in red wine topped with home-made blue cheese ice cream!! Adventurous or what? We enjoyed the marriage of the flavors, but it was a one-off for us. I don’t know why they didn’t have coffee, just hazelnut coffee, which we don’t like. So we each had a latte, which was very good and very big. I applaud Cam’s cosmopolitan effort and hope this place is very successful! He was very friendly and enjoyed explaining the lovely treats in the cooler. We will go back soon for some French onion soup, and a sandwich for lunch. Try it, I recommend it as something very different and very high quality.

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Fortune Cooking YUM YUM!!!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The food is delish and you can never eat here without taking 2 boxes of food home because the portions are HUGE!!! Our faves: peking shrimp ~ huge shrimp (no batter) with onions and peppers stirfired, almond shrimp, ginger beef, wonton soup, singapore noodles (add some hot sauce!!)…the only thing that has changed lately is the lemon chicken, which has quite frankly started tasting like cardboard…don’t know what happened, it used to be sooo good!! Reasonable prices, fast food service…Love that Mr. Sing is often sleeping in a chair @ a table. Very nice people, Amy will help you with anything! Go early in the evening so you are not disappointed and do not have to wait in line.

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Dessert Sinsations~Good cheesecake ~ Gross cake read on for details friends


We had good coffee, but had to ask for cream twice. No biggie. Raspberry swirl cheesecake – YUMYUMYUM!!! Wow! deeeeee-lishshsss….Price a bit steep but on par with other cake joints in town. Tre Leche Cake ~ never thought I’d ever have anything bad to say about cake. It was bland, too much cream, and the strawberry had seen better days, all dried up…just saying, Dessert Sinsations, for $9.25 for a piece of cake, I deserve A FRESH PIECE NOT A DRIED FRUIT-ISH PIECE!!! Everyone deserves the best you can make! Smarten up! Now for the worst part, there was a bitter aftertaste that we couldn’t put our finger on. It was like we couldn’t wait to go home to pop a mint or brush the tooth. Not exactly a compliment. YUK YUK YUK  Waitress explained that sour milk was poured onto the Tre Leche cake to soak in. I’ve baked with sour milk before, but never expected anyone to eat it poured onto a cake. Bad sign – the “Baker Wanted” sign in the window. I think I ate the fired baker’s last revenge. Otherwise I can’t explain why someone, anyone would want to eat that yucky cake, never mind paying $9.25 for it!

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Michele’s ~ @ McPhilips St. Station Casino ~ Buffet


I can only speak about the buffet on Saturday night which features prime rib.  YUM YUM YUM!! Being a lover of rare roast beef, I am happy to announce that there has been a big improvement in the availability of rare beef. AND IT IS DEL-ISHSHS!!!  The mashed potatoes are also dee-lish, more so than the scalloped potatoes (surprise!) and the sides are standard – brocolli with cheese, and veggie mix. There is other meat available, such as fried chicken, or pork, or turkey, as well as pasta, but who cares? WE’RE HERE FOR THE BEEF!!! The desserts have gone markedly downhill lately…many of the nice cakes are no longer available. There is a chocolate fountain with fruit, ladyfingers, and marshmallows, but we like the lemon pie. The service is attentive and polite for drinks/coffee. The value is unbelievable…-roughly $20/person for roast beast, including coffee/soda, dessert, salad, sides, etc and is all you can eat!!! A great deal and YUM YUM!!!!!
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Boston Pizza ~ 1160 Taylor Ave. ~ Winnipeg


I’ve been to Boston Pizza on Taylor twice in the last week to catch a Bomber game in the lounge. I enjoyed the second visit very much more, due to the pizza being that much better. Why?? The first time we ordered pepperoni and mushroom. The mushrooms were chopped so fine we could barely see them, never mind taste them. So, it was kind of mediocre.

The second time we ordered the pepperoni (very adventurous, lol) and it was excellent! There was lots of crispy pepperoni, lots of cheese, and a thin delicious crust. My friend had a Greek salad that I didn’t have high hopes for, but I was wrong. The salad had lettuce, red onions, peppers, a generous heap of feta, and at least six kalamata olives. It looked delicious!  It was a very generous size considering it was the small size. The service was attentive and polite, and we enjoyed the cameraderie of cheering for our team with the rest of the crowd. Overall an enjoyable social evening with good food and drink. We’ll be back!     Mark – B+


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Bar Italia ~ Winnipeg


Poor service, mediocre food…3 different clientele…Morning~ people getting their joe on, Afternoon~ a hodge-podge of all ages, eating and drinking, Evening~ a younger crowd ready to party.

There was a long wait for service, but it looked like there might have only been one waitress out on the patio. When I asked for a glass of Pinot Gregio she said they only had 1 kind of wine! She didn’t know the name of it! Ok? So I had a vodka and club soda.

There was a new menu. I was scanning it for their namesake salad “Bar I Salad.”  It’s a juicy cornucopia of pickled eggplant, lettuce, roasted peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and cheese grated on top. Well, too bad for me, it’s not on the new menu and the waitress said they would not make it for me. New chef? I don’t know.

So I ordered chicken nuggets with Caesar salad. Predictable, I know, but not bad…not great either. The chicken was a little over-fried and I suspect they were bought frozen.

I can recommend the mini latte coffee…most delicious with a little sprinkling of chocolate on top. Overall, a disappointing showing for Bar I.  Mark: C minus

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Rae and Jerry’s ~ Lounge ~ Winnipeg


Rae and Jerry’s Lounge is an institution in Winnipeg. Rae and Jerry are long gone, but the decor has remained. Everything old is cool again, and the red, black, and wood lounge is back in style, in a Madmen kind of dimension. The lounge has its own (ahem, cheaper) menu and the greatest old-school cocktails. I had a champagne cocktail for $ 6.25 and it was so full I don’t know how the waitress managed to carry it without spilling. Quite the deal! The dining room’s menu is more extensive but more expensive! Luv the lounge!

The service was excellent. The wait staff is efficient, polite and professional. We ordered our drinks, and then we both ordered a steak sandwich, medium.  We did not wait very long for our food. It was served in a great combo of steak on toast with barbecue sauce, fries, delicious cole slaw, and yummy onion rings.  My friend’s steak was thicker and juicier, while mine looked like its poor thinner, drier cousin.  Marks deducted!  However, being quite a regular customer, I put it down to an off night, as this has never happened before, so I did not complain.

Dessert was a delicious ~ hummm~ New York-style cheesecake topped with a luscious sauce and about five large and juicy black cherries. It was large enough to share and we each enjoyed a great cup of coffee. However, for $3.00 a cup, it should be good!!

Overall, it was a a very good dinner, and we will definitely be back.     Grade: B+

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